Our Approach

Our moonshot is lowering cardiovascular patients readmissions cost by 25 percent.

CardioCube is a med-tech company empowering hospitals and insurance companies through cloud-based cognitive computing to support cardiovascular disease patient-centric treatment.

Lean hospital transformation

by lowering readmissions costs by 25%

Real world evidence-based medicine

by integrating home and hospital data

Optimized patient treatment

by better-informed clinical decisions


Take a look why so many hospitals and doctors support us

CardioCube Cloud

Machine-learning algorithms for hospitals to analyze big data composed of Electronic Health Record and patient home care medical data.

CardioCube API.AI

Patient home care data interface integrated with chatbots, Facebook Messenger, voice-first devices (e.g. Amazon Echo), or CardioCube medical device.

CardioCube Device

Patient home care data interface for high-risk patients requiring medical product functionality. Easy to use for eldery patients.

API.AI integration

Voice-first devices as patient home care data interface


Our achievements and plans

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