We are bringing
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How it works

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Barriers to access

For patients, the healthcare system can be both inefficient and overwhelming. Scheduling an appointment, getting a medication refilled, or asking their care team a question has historically required a phone call, often starting with a long hold time, and ending not with resolution but with instructions to call their pharmacy or wait for a return call. These barriers to access have frustrated patients and even deterred some patients from reaching out for care.


We are working to solve these problems by fundamentally changing how patients interface with healthcare.

We are bringing healthcare home.


CardioCube uses the most comfortable, natural form of communication - your voice - to change how patients connect to healthcare. Using an Amazon Echo or other home voice assistant, CardioCube is building ways for patients to request doctor appointments, request medication refills, provide condition updates for disease management and even complete visit check-ins from home.


Scheduling new appointment time slot or rescheduling visit


Patient-reported medical history one day before visit.


Daily conversations for chronic disease management.

Med Refills

Automated medication refills controlled by clinic and pharmacy.

Preventive Care

Automated reminders to close care gaps.


Requesting referrals.


Ask questions of the care team and receive voice responses.

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